PAUL Fabric scissors, left-handed


Celebrating Over 130 Years of German Craftsmanship with PAUL

From the storied scissors manufacturer PAUL, boasting over 130 years of heritage in Solingen, Germany—a city famed for its exceptional blades—comes our left-handed fabric scissors. Renowned for prioritizing functionality, ergonomics, and unparalleled craftsmanship, PAUL's creations are beloved in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The Necessity of Left-Handed Fabric Scissors

Fabric scissors are distinctively designed for cutting textiles, demanding precision that general-purpose scissors can't provide. Unfortunately, left-handers often face a limited selection, especially when it comes to fabric scissors. Given the difficulty of cutting fabrics with scissors meant for the right hand, our left-handed option ensures that everyone, including those accustomed to adapting right-handed scissors, can enjoy seamless tailoring and crafting.

Chic Color Options:

Sophisticated "Magenta"
Cheerful "Light pink"
Refreshing "Sage green"
Timeless "Black"

Superior Cutting Performance

These scissors, measuring 21cm (approximately 8.27 inches) in length with a blade length of 8.6cm (about 3.39 inches), feature stainless steel construction for lasting sharpness and dependability. The design is not just practical but elegantly simple, making it an indispensable piece in any sewing kit.


Total length 21cm (8.27 inches), Blade length 8.6cm (3.39 inches)

Blade: Stainless Steel, Handle: Plastic

Country of Manufacture


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