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Shingo Kato

1-107 Toshincho,  Kakamigahara-shi, Gifu 504-0901, Japan

Run of HIDARI(, Trading, Marketing, Product Development


A joyful left-handed life

We created HIDARI as an original brand that offers a wide range of functional, beautifully-designed left-handed products from Japan. Aiming for a more lefty-friendly life, HIDARI will continue to foster user-friendly everyday goods, such as stationery, kitchen utensils and other tools, which can be used with either hand.

Dear left-handers all over the world

Most tools in the world have been designed for right-handed people, and we left-handers sometimes have no option but to accept inconvenience. Through our own experiences as lefties ourselves, we have developed a clear vision of fostering truly functional, lefty-friendly tools. With this aspiration as our North Star, we launched HIDARI into this inarguably righty-friendly world. We envision all left-handers across the world living their joyful lives without any inconvenience due to their handedness.

High-quality, beautifully designed left-handed products

Do left-handers always have to compromise? Are left-handed tools tacky? Is that just a part of life? Our answer is an emphatic NO. HIDARI offers a range of truly lefty-friendly, high-quality, beautifully-designed products; a rich mixture of curated left-handed items from other companies and our own original products which are only available at our store. Take a look at what we have and find your favorite lefty-friendly products, or discover the perfect gift for your left-handed friends.

All products are shipped from Japan

We launched our online store specializing in left-handed products for people living in Japan in 2018. Since then, we have delivered countless delightful items to left-handers within Japan.
We are now ready to expand our business overseas, because there are lefties all over the world. All HIDARI products are carefully packaged by our experienced staff and shipped from Japan to you. As it may take a little while until your package arrives, we would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.