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HIDARI Versatile Left-handed Can Opener


A can opener for left-handed people

This is a can opener with a common design that most people in Japan are familiar with. We re-envisioned a common household item to be especially easy to use for left-handed users.

It has three functions as; a can opener, a bottle opener, and a hole puncher.

Three ways to use

Opens can lids easily by rocking the opener backward. It is eye-opening to be able to open a can for the first time with your dominant hand. If you are accustomed to opening cans with your right hand, you might find this can opener to feel a little strange at first, but you will find it quite natural to use as you get used to it.

In addition to opening cans and bottles, you can also punch holes with the retractable claw, which is useful when you dispose of spray cans. 

Matte black for a soft look

The color is black with a matte texture that gives the opener a soft look. Our logo mark is engraved on the surface.

Packaged in our custom-designed box, this is a great gift for people who like cooking, outdoor activities, or drinking.


Size (mm):
H124 W14 D19


Country of origin:


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