SUNCRAFT Kitchen tool set for left-handed children


Kitchen tool set for left-handed children

This set of kitchen tools makes a perfect gift for left-handed kids who are interested in cooking.

This set includes:

SUNCRAFT small kitchen knife, left-handed

SUNCRAFT small kitchen scissors, left-handed

SUNCRAFT Kids vegetable peeler, universal design

All three of these items are painstakingly designed to the smallest detail so that children can enjoy cooking safely. Not only are they safe, they are also as practical and sharp as those intended for adults.

Some people might be concerned that sharp knives are dangerous for kids, but a dull knife can also be just as dangerous because it won’t cut through food easily and requires much more effort to use, leading to frustration and potential injury.

Please make sure to teach your child how to use it safely and keep a close eye on him/her while peeling. Enjoy cooking with your kids!

Made in Seki City, Gifu, world-renowned as a center of excellence for cutlery.


Delivered to You from Japan

We’ve been a trusted specialty store for left-handers in Japan since 2018. We ship top-quality tools to our left-handed friends all over the world.