SUNCRAFT kitchen scissors, left-handed


Kitchen scissors for left-handed users

These are left-handed kitchen scissors, ideal for opening bags and cutting food. These scissors have a serrated blade to prevent slipping.

You will enjoy cooking more if you use scissors that suit your dominant hand.


In addition to being used as scissors, these scissors have a variety of slightly pleasing functions. Bottle opener, cracking shells (such as walnuts), opening can lids, and so on. They are sure to be useful.

The handle is made of resin, so it fits comfortably in your hand and eases your burden.

After use, wipe off any dirt or water before storing.

Made in Seki-shi, the city of cutlery

Made in Seki City, Japan, known as one of the world's three major production centers of cutlery.
SUNCRAFT is a Japanese brand that specializes in kitchenware.


Size (mm):
L215 W83 H14

138.0 g

Stainless blade steel, EVA resin (handle)

Hand wash only

Country of origin:


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