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Metal Index Clips


Subtly Efficient Index Clips

Introducing our Metal Index Clips, perfect for those who wish to quickly add index tabs to our Left-handed planner (and, of course, any other planners too!).

Unlike sticker-based indexes, which can protrude from the cover and wear out after repeated use, these clips boast a slim index width of just 2.5mm, ensuring they fit neatly without extending beyond your planner's cover. Made from durable metal, these clips are designed for repeated attachment and removal, and can be used vertically or horizontally as you prefer.

Secure Grip on Even the Thinnest Paper

The material used is incredibly thin, at just 0.15mm (approximately 0.006 inches), ensuring a secure grip even on a single sheet of thin planner paper. Designed to minimize bulk, these clips won’t get in the way as you write.

Choose from Two Colors

Available in two colors to suit your style, each pack contains 8 clips. Choose "Silver" for a simple and cool stainless steel look, or "Orange" for the warm tones of copper, which will naturally patina over time for a unique finish. Please be aware of this natural aging process.

Designed by Japan's popular stationery maker MIDORI and manufactured in China.


H21×W12.5×D0.5mm (approximately H0.83×W0.49×D0.02 inches)
Pack of 8

Silver: Stainless Steel, Orange: Copper

Country of Manufacture


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