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Magnet Holder Ballpoint Pen "pitan"


The Magnetic Ballpoint Pen & Holder Duo

Perfect for those who desire to carry just one pen alongside our "Left-handed planner" or any other notebook. "pitan" is our minimalistic solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your daily essentials.

The name "pitan" is derived from the Japanese sound made when the pen magnetically attaches to the holder, perfectly capturing the satisfying click of connection.

Exceptional Writing Experience with Japanese Craftsmanship

Crafted by ZEBRA, one of Japan's largest stationery manufacturers known for their expertise in ballpoint pens, "pitan" offers an exceptionally smooth writing experience, highly regarded even within Japan.

Four Serene Colors

Choose from our chic lineup of four colors, allowing for various color coordination possibilities:


Ballpoint Pen: Diameter 9.5mm (approx. 0.37 inches) × Length 137mm (approx. 5.39 inches)
Holder: Height 126mm (approx. 4.96 inches) × Width 25mm (approx. 0.98 inches, including clip) × Thickness 5.4mm (approx. 0.21 inches)

Country of Manufacture: Japan


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