FISKARS Kids scissors, left-handed


Kids scissors from the world's best cutlery brand

These kids scissors are made by FISKARS, the world's best cutlery brand.

FISKARS scissors are known for their orange handles, but the left-handed version has a red handle.

Scissors for left-handed children

The handles are shaped in such a way as to fit naturally and comfortably in the fingers of  left-handed kids.

The tips of the blades are rounded for safety, and the thin blades make it easy to do fine work. FISKARS is proud of its high cutting quality and safety.

About the cap

Although a transparent cap is attached to the tip of the blade, it is only for preventing damage during transportation and sales. We do not recommend using it as a cap after unpackaging.


Total length:
13 cm

24.0 g

Stainless steel (blades), polybutyrene terephthalate resin (handles)

Country of origin:


FISKARS is a cutlery manufacturer founded in 1649 in the Finnish village of Fiskars. Their classic orange handles have become their trademark. FISKARS is also known as the first company in the world that introduced resin handles on scissors.


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