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KOKUYO Kids Scissors, Left-handed


Introducing the left-handed scissors from KOKUYO, one of Japan’s premier stationery manufacturers. Founded in 1905, KOKUYO has a rich heritage in crafting everything from small stationery items to office furniture. Their "campus" series of notebooks is particularly famous, having been a staple in the school life of almost every student in Japan.

We are thrilled to bring these high-functionality scissors, designed with unique Japanese innovation, to our young left-handed friends across the globe.

Light Cutting with Arch-Style Blades

These scissors feature an arch towards the tip, maximizing leverage for easy cutting. This design is especially helpful for kids, making it easier for them with their developing hand strength.

Glue-Less Blades for Less Stickiness

The minimal contact area on the blades means less glue build-up when cutting sticky materials like tape—more effective than traditional fluorine-coated blades. Kids can enjoy their crafts without the nuisance of sticky scissors.

Yellow Handle with Air Cushion

The handle includes an air cushion, reducing strain on small hands. The bright yellow color stands out on cluttered desks, making the scissors easy to find and safe to use.

A blade cap is included for safe storage, ensuring the scissors don’t damage other items when not in use.


Length: 142mm (approximately 5.6 inches)
Width: 65mm (approximately 2.6 inches)
Materials: Blades - Stainless Steel, Handle - R-ABS, Rings - Elastomer, Cap - R-ABS
Country of Manufacture: China (Designed in Japan)


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