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Bamboo spatula (perforated), left-handed


Bamboo spatula for left-handed people

Among a variety of materials used for cooking spatulas, bamboo is especially light and durable and its moderate hardness is useful for stewing, stir-frying, and straining.

This spatula has a flat shape with minimal curves. The hole in the middle helps you reduce weight on your wrist while mixing, and also keeps you from over-beating ingredients. It is handy for mixing stews, jams, and bread dough.

Depending on your use case and preferences, you can also choose the same spatula without a hole.

Japanese bamboo, uncoated finish

The uncoated finish allows you to enjoy the texture of the bamboo itself, perfect for those who want to avoid artificial paints due to its use in heating and cooking.

Due to the characteristics of bamboo, you might see joints or other small irregularities that may make the appearance of the product you order slightly different from the one in the pictures.

About care

Unpainted bamboo and wood products tend to absorb liquids when dried. Soaking them in water before use will help prevent staining.

Please wash quickly after use and dry thoroughly in shade; avoid leaving it in soapy water. Not suitable for dishwashers or mechanical dryers.


Size (cm):
L30 W 7 (max)


Country of origin:

Hand wash only


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