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Enamel Pot with Right-Side Pouring Spout


Left-Hand Friendly Milk Pan with Easy Pouring

This unique milk pan features a right-side pouring spout, making it convenient for left-handed individuals.

With a 16cm (approximately 6.3 inches) diameter, it is versatile for various uses such as boiling eggs and making soups.

The pan has a natural wood handle and an ergonomically designed lid for easy gripping.

Please note that this enamel pot requires careful handling:

Avoid dropping or applying excessive force.

Do not heat the pot when empty or subject it to rapid temperature changes.

Use medium heat or lower when using it on an induction cooktop.

Avoid using utensils made of hard materials like stainless steel to prevent scratches.

This pot is not recommended for stir-frying.

Do not use steel scrubbers or abrasive powders.

About Fuji-horo

Fuji-horo is a renowned Japanese heritage enamelware manufacturer. Their kitchenware has been cherished by customers for many years.


W345mm x D190mm x H125mm (approximately W13.6" x D7.5" x H4.9")


Enameled Steel Plate, Natural Wood

Country of origin:
Thailand (designed in Japan)


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