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Vegetable Slicer, left-handed


Specially Designed for Left-Handed Users

Most conventional slicers have blades set at an angle to reduce resistance when slicing. If you try slicing with a vertical blade, you'll notice it’s more difficult.

These slicers are designed for right-handed use, positioning the blade angle away from the right hand.This slicer, however, is a left-handed model. 

The blade is set at an opposite angle to accommodate those who prefer to hold the vegetable with their left hand, making it safer and more comfortable for left-handed users.

Razor-Sharp Blade from Tsubame-Sanjo

Crafted in Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan, renowned for its stainless steel processing, this slicer features a razor-sharp blade that effortlessly slices with minimal effort.

It slices vegetables to a thickness of about 1mm (0.04 inches), perfect for dishes like potato chips, gratin, and apple pie.Headline: Safety Holder for Slicing to the Last Piece
When your vegetable pieces become small, there’s a risk of injury. With the included safety holder, you can safely slice your vegetables to the very end.

Thoughtful and User-Friendly Design

This slicer comes from a long-established kitchenware manufacturer, ensuring meticulous design details. The notches allow you to securely rest the slicer on the edge of a bowl.

The handle is angled for easy grip, and a hole in the handle lets you hang it on a hook for convenient storage.


W90×H280×D20mm (W3.5×H11×D0.8 inches)

Blade - Stainless Steel; Body - ABS Resin; Holder - Polypropylene

Made in Japan
Dishwasher Safe


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