KAI Eyebrow scissors, left-handed


Eyebrow Scissors for Left Handed People

Next to eyebrow pencils, eyebrow scissors are an essential makeup tool.

Because even the slightest difference in your eyebrows can greatly affect your image, it is good to have high-quality eyebrow scissors especially designed for left-handers.

Detachable comb

These scissors come with a detachable comb so you can trim the length of your eyebrows with one hand.

You can take the comb off when you want to shape or precisely cut your brows one hair at a time.

The uniquely curved blades allow for easy eyebrow trimming. The long handle is designed not to obstruct your view of the mirror.

Product by KAI corporation

KAI corporation is one of Japan's most famous cutlery manufacturers, specializing in forging blades used in cooking, tailoring, beauty and medical applications.


Size (cm):
L12.8 W5 (max)

Stainless blade steel (blade), ABS resin (handle), POM (comb)

Country of origin:


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