SAKAGEN Japanese garden scissors, left-handed


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Japanese style garden scissors

These are traditional Japanese style garden scissors made by Sakagen, a well-established manufacturer that specializes in bonsai and ikebana scissors.

Cutting with scissors that are sharp and suitable for your dominant hand will make your gardening work more enjoyable and you can keep your plants healthy as well.

Traditional and chic design

The handles are coated with black rust-proofing paint. The unique and beautiful shape is called “Warabite” (pronounced “WARA-bee-tay”) style, traditionally used in Japanese flower arrangement and gardening.

A blade cover is included. Please wipe off dirt and water with a dry cloth after use and dry completely before storing.


Length (mm):


Country of origin:


"SAKAGEN Co., LTD" is a scissor manufacturer based in Sanjo City in Niigata, Japan, established in 1903. They are renowned for their professional-quality tools for flower arrangement and bonsai.


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