PAUL Silhouette scissors, left-handed


Left-handed, scissors for cutting thread

These are silhouette scissors from PAUL, a long-established German scissors manufacturer.

They can be used as scissors for handicrafts, mainly for cutting thread. They can also be used to cut cloth and paper.

Perfect for delicate work

These scissors feature a thin, pointed cutting edge. Use them for embroidery, patchwork, and other small parts, or for detailed work. It is also recommended for complicated paper cutting.

Compact size

Measuring 11.5 cm in length, these thin and slim scissors are not bulky in your sewing box. If you are careful with the sharp tips, you can use them as scissors for carrying around. The inner diameter of the ring is 1.8 cm, so please be careful if you have thick fingers.


Length (cm):
11.5 (total), 3 (blade)

Stainless steel

17.0 g

Country of origin:

About PAUL

PAUL was founded in 1886 in Solingen, a city famous for its cutlery. The company's products, which emphasize functionality, ergonomics, and craftsmanship, are now loved in more than 70 countries. The symbol mark is a silhouette of scissors.


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