The Perfect Planner for Left-Handed Writers

The Perfect Planner for Left-Handed Writers

Hello! This is Kaori from HIDARI. Do you use a planner regularly?

Keeping track of your daily schedules and tasks is essential, and a planner is a great tool for that.
While digital tools can serve this purpose, there are many benefits to using a paper planner.

Personally, I find that writing things down helps me remember them better, so I prefer paper planners. Of course, many people effectively use both digital and paper tools.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to our “HIDARI Left-handed planner UNDATED,” a specially designed planner for left-handed users, available without pre-printed dates.


HIDARI Left-handed planner UNDATED

What Makes a Planner for Left-Handers Special?

 First, let’s look at the key features of the HIDARI Left-handed planner.


Date Entry Boxes Positioned on the Right

Most conventional planners have the date entry boxes on the top left, designed for right-handed users. If you have a planner handy, take a look and see if this is true.

For left-handed writers, this means your hand often covers the date while you write.
The “HIDARI Left-handed planner UNDATED” places all date entry boxes on the top right. This way, your left hand won't obscure the dates as you write.


Weekly Layout Reversed for Easy Writing


HIDARI Left-handed planner UNDATED open and writing with the left hand


The weekly layout is reversed compared to typical planners, with the schedule section on the right and the memo section on the left.
This allows you to smoothly jot down notes while checking your schedule, without having to lift your left hand to see the dates and plans.

This unique layout has received positive feedback, like this review:

A well-crafted planner for the left handed. The layout is perfect for a lefty who's tired of twisting their hand to write from the center of the planner” - Jordan W.

Personally, I use the weekly pages to note down good things that happen each day, and I find it very therapeutic. It’s also great for keeping track of hobbies or as a diary.


Opens from the Left for Convenience


HIDARI Left-handed planner UNDATED being rolled up smoothly with the left hand


The planner also opens in the opposite direction compared to conventional planners.

Usually, when searching for a page, you’d flip from the back.
With the HIDARI planner, you can flip from the front using your left thumb. Initially, this might feel strange, but many of our customers say that once they get used to it, they can't go back to regular planners.


Premium Quality by a Renowned Japanese Manufacturer

This planner is crafted by a renowned Japanese planner manufacturer, ensuring top-notch quality.
Since it’s something you use daily, we’ve adopted durable thread binding. This allows the planner to open fully flat at 180 degrees, making it easy to write on any page.

We use thin, lightweight, yet durable planner paper. You will surely be impressed by its smooth surface and the pleasant writing experience without any resistance from the pen.



Cover of HIDARI Left-handed planner UNDATED, gold logo


HIDARI Left-handed planner UNDATED

Elegant Simplicity to Enhance Your Daily Life

The planner cover comes in dark brown with a gold logo, giving it a sophisticated look.
The cover material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is water-resistant and easy to clean. We also offer a separate hardcover option.

With its simple design, this planner is suitable for both business and personal use, making it a versatile accessory.
The "HIDARI Left-handed planner UNDATED," easy to use and write with for left-handers, will surely enhance and enrich your daily life as a perfect companion.




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