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Lefty's Exclusive Complete Gift Set (inch edition) [FREE SHIPPING]


Special Set for Left-Handers

We've curated a special set of high-quality tools designed specifically for left-handers. From kitchenware to stationery, these tools designed to enhance your daily life are packed into a beautiful tin package.

It's perfect not only for personal use but also as a gift for a cherished left-handed loved one. It's sure to be a delightful surprise.

This set is assembled for customers who work with measurements in inches. For those who work with centimeters, please see this page.

What's Inside the Set

HIDARI Left-handed planner UNDATED
HIDARI Versatile Left-handed Can Opener
Helix inch/cm ruler, left-handed
OLFA Utility knife, left-handed
ALLEX All-purpose scissors (large size), left-handed
BRUNNEN pencil sharpener, left-handed
Schneider Fountain pen "Base", left-handed
SUNCRAFT "MOKA" Small all purpose knife, left-handed
SUNCRAFT Nylon butter beater, left-handed
SUNCRAFT kitchen scissors, left-handed
Boxwood spatula (medium size), left-handed
Pullparrot waiter's friend, left-handed (Currently, this item is out of stock and will not be included in the set. The price has been adjusted accordingly.)

The color of the product may vary from the photos. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Unique Tin Packaging

Our large tin package is crafted by a long-established Japanese manufacturer and features our original design.

The motif of five birds symbolizes the left hand. The design is the work of Masao Shirasawa, a Japanese designer with a Cannes Advertising Award to his credit.

After opening, we hope you enjoy using it as a sewing box, for storing stationery, or even as a secret treasure chest.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping from Japan. Enjoy this special set!


High-quality, beautifully designed left-handed products

HIDARI offers a select collection centered on premium Japanese-made products for left-handers. Find exclusive, beautifully crafted items, ideal for personal use or as gifts for left-handed loved ones.

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