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Betula schmidtii wood spatula (Regular), left-handed


Beautiful wooden spatula, made in Japan

Anyone who tries this spatula will immediately notice its high quality, as it is carefully made and finished by Japanese craftsmen.

This series of spatulas won the "Good Design Award" in Japan in 2012 for its refined design and function.

It is ergonomically designed for comfortable left-handed use, and has a smooth touch even along the edges of the center hole. Because the tip is thin and flat, it is also useful to flip over things like pancakes.

Rare tree "Betula schmidtii" from Japan

This butter knife is made of "Betula schmidtii" tree from Japan, which is not a well-known tree, but is known for its beautiful wood grain and hardness.

Since this is made of natural wood, please understand that the color and grain of each piece is different.

Do not wash it in a dishwasher.

Three types for a variety of  uses

Regular (32cm), Perforated (32cm), and Small (26cm).

"Regular" is ideal for general cooking.
"Perforated" is an excellent tool that reduces the load when stirring and prevents rippling. Recommended for stews and jams.
"Small" is ideal for small pots, pans, and serving dishes.


Size (cm):
L32 W 6.5 (max)

Betula schmidtii tree (coated with linseed oil)

Country of origin:

Hand wash only


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