Fountain pen Startup Guide

Fountain pen Startup Guide

Welcome to the world of fountain pens! This guide will help you start using your fountain pen, from filling it with ink to writing your first words. Enjoy the elegant writing experience that a fountain pen offers. Let's get started!

Getting Started with a Fountain Pen

Step1: Removing the Barrel
Twist the pen just above the grip to unscrew and remove the barrel.

Step2: Discarding the Dummy Cartridge
The transparent piece inside is a dummy cartridge. Please dispose of it. Retrieve the ink cartridge from inside the barrel you removed. If it doesn't come out easily, gently tap the barrel.
Step3: Inserting the Ink Cartridge
Insert the narrower end of the cartridge into the pen, pushing it straight in,
towards the direction of the arrow, until it is securely in place. This will puncture the cartridge, allowing ink to flow.
Step4: Reassembling and Waiting
Reattach the barrel to the pen. Then, wait for 15 to 30 minutes for the ink to reach the nib.

Tips for Using a Fountain Pen with Your Left Hand

Unlike pencils or ballpoint pens, the angle and orientation of a fountain pen nib significantly affect the ink flow. Here are some key points to consider:

1 Keep the nib's logo facing upwards.
2 Hold the pen at a slight angle, leaning it back a bit.
3 Avoid applying too much pressure.

Different grips can change how smoothly the pen writes, so feel free to experiment. For example, our store manager finds that holding the nib's logo facing towards them works best for a smooth writing experience!

Over time, your pen will become more comfortable to use, and changing inks can also alter the writing feel. Enjoy personalizing and getting to know your unique fountain pen!

Fountain Pen Maintenance

Daily maintenance is not necessary. Using your pen frequently is the best way to keep it in good condition.

Cleaning the Nib

It's recommended to clean the nib every 3 to 6 months. Additionally, clean the nib when:

-You want to change ink colors or types
-The ink flow becomes inconsistent
-You plan to store the pen for a while

How to Clean the Nib:

Remove the used cartridge.

Submerge the nib and the section it’s attached to in a cup of water for about half a day.

Rinse with tap water and gently dry with tissue paper or a soft cloth. (If no more dark ink appears, the cleaning is complete. A bit of light ink residue is okay.)

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