Discover the Ever Peeler: A Left-Handed Vegetable Peeler Like No Other

Discover the Ever Peeler: A Left-Handed Vegetable Peeler Like No Other


Hello! This is Kaori from HIDARI.

In the culinary world, the vegetable peeler is an unsung hero, essential for prepping ingredients quickly and efficiently.

Did you know there are peelers designed explicitly for left-handed users?

Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the "Ever Peeler," a left-handed vegetable peeler that's been a sensation in Japan, often selling out quickly due to its immense popularity.

Let's explore why this peeler is hailed as the ultimate peeler.



Ever Peeler, left-handed vegetable peeler

The Ultimate Left-Handed Peeler from Tokyo's Kappabashi District

Kappabashi in Tokyo is renowned as a sanctuary of cooking tools.

Here, the esteemed kitchenware specialty store Iidaya, in operation since 1912, boasts an extensive range of items from the standard to the niche.

Among over 100 types of peelers, Iidaya went a step further to develop their own product, the Ever Peeler.

Our store manager was immediately impressed by its superior sharpness compared to conventional peelers and decided to stock it.

While it may be on the pricier side, we confidently recommend it as a worthy investment.


Ever Peeler,left-handed vegetable peeler" in the grip.

Ergonomic Handle Design for Left-Handed Use

The Ever Peeler features a uniquely diagonal handle.

During its development at Iidaya, the handle's angle was meticulously adjusted, one degree at a time, to find the perfect ergonomic fit.

This resulted in the distinctive diagonal shape that makes it incredibly comfortable for left-handed use.

Originally developed after the right-handed version's success, the left-handed model was created in response to demand from left-handed chefs and home cooks.

This design improves usability and enhances safety, earning it the prestigious Good Design Award in 2020.


The ultra-hard stainless steel material "440A" engraved on the peeler

Effortlessly Thin Peeling with a Razor-Sharp Blade

The Ever Peeler was designed to allow users to peel with the light touch of a little finger.

Our store manager had to check twice to believe how effortlessly and thinly it peeled!

The secret lies in its blade, made of ultra-hard 440A stainless steel and typically used in professional chef's knives.

Despite being a complex material to work with, Iidaya's dedication to creating the ultimate peeler, combined with the technical expertise of manufacturers in Seki, a city famous for its cutlery, has resulted in a truly exceptional product.


Ever Peeler, left-handed vegetable peeler peeling carrots


Gourmet Results with Every Peel

Using a left-handed peeler is simple: hold the food item with your right hand and peel towards the left.

The sharp blade allows you to peel vegetables thinly without crushing the cells, resulting in fresher and tastier produce.


Carrot salad made with "Ever Peeler, left-handed vegetable peeler


 For example, you can create thin, ribbon-like carrot slices that add a beautiful and appetizing appearance to salads.


Shredded cabbage made with "Ever Peeler, left-handed vegetable peeler


This peeler also features a slightly wider blade, making it easy to quickly create thin slices of cabbage for coleslaw.

Additionally, this peeler features a slightly wider blade, making it easy to quickly create thin slices of cabbage for coleslaw.

Using this peeler can significantly reduce the time and effort compared to using a knife.


Ever Peeler, left-handed vegetable peeler" replacement blade


Maintaining Your Peeler's Sharpness for Years to Come

The Ever Peeler comes with replaceable blades, a rare feature for peelers, ensuring it remains a long-lasting addition to your kitchen tools.

To keep it in the best condition, store it so the blade does not come into contact with other tools, either hanging it on a hook or storing it separately in a case.

As a member of the Hidari staff, I can't recommend this peeler enough.

Eating plenty of vegetables is crucial for good health, and with this peeler, incorporating more vegetables into your diet has never been easier.

Enhance your cooking experience with this exceptional tool today! 


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