Left-handed kitchen scissors with excellent cutting performance and easy washing

Left-handed kitchen scissors with excellent cutting performance and easy washing

 Hello, HIDARI followers, Kaori here!

Have you ever experienced frustration while using kitchen shears during your culinary creations?

If your answer is yes, you're certainly not alone.


Today, I'm excited to introduce a groundbreaking product for all the left-handed chefs and home cooks out there:  SUNCRAFT Easy-Clean Kitchen Shears, Left-Handed.

This product has become a favorite in our lineup for good reasons, and I'm here to share why it's a must-have in your kitchen arsenal.


Image of kitchen scissors for left hand

Crafted in Collaboration with Seki's Renowned Knife Makers!


Left-handed kitchen shears are a rare find, especially ones that come apart for easy cleaning.

To address this, we teamed up with SUNCRAFT, a famed cutlery maker from Seki, Japan - a city with a rich history in Japanese katana production.

Our collaboration birthed the SUNCRAFT Easy-Clean Kitchen Shears, Left-Handed, designed specifically to meet the needs of left-handers


SUNCRAFT is well-known for its left-handed culinary tools, including  "MOKA" Small Santoku Knife and SESERAGI Bread Knife, both of which have garnered high praise at HIDARI for their quality and design.


Cutting broccoli with SUNCRAFT Easy-Clean Kitchen Shears, Left-Handed


Experience Superior Cutting Performance with Left-Handed Kitchen Shears

 Cutting through food packaging or ingredients can be a challenge with regular scissors, more so for left-handed individuals using right-handed shears.

Our left-handed kitchen shears are recommended for anyone looking to achieve precise cuts effortlessly.

For more details on the differences between left-handed and right-handed scissors, please check out this article as well.


The serrated blades grip materials securely, making them perfect for slicing through packaging or preparing meat. A personal favorite feature?

They weigh just about 100g / 3.53 oz, making them light and easy to handle for extended use without fatigue.


SUNCRAFT Easy-Clean Kitchen Shears, Left-Handed, blade being removed and washed


Easily Disassembled Blades for Uncompromised Cleanliness

 Ever hesitated to cut raw foods due to the hassle of cleaning your shears?

With our kitchen shears, that concern is a thing of the past.

The blades can be easily detached for thorough cleaning, ensuring you'll use them more frequently with peace of mind.

Note that while the shears are not dishwasher safe, their easy-to-clean design makes maintenance a breeze.


SUNCRAFT Easy-Clean Kitchen Shears, Left-Handed


For a More Enjoyable Time in the Kitchen

The handles are crafted from soft resin, making them comfortable to use for long periods without straining your hands.

The symmetrical design allows for ambidextrous use, so you don’t have to worry about holding them the "right" way. Plus, the stylish grey handles will complement any kitchen décor.

Embrace a more enjoyable and efficient cooking experience with the SUNCRAFT Easy-Clean Kitchen Shears, Left-Handed. It's not just a tool; it's your partner in culinary creation.


Welcome to the world where left-handed tools redefine kitchen convenience and style!

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