Quality Designed Left-Handed Office Scissors Made in Seki, the City of Blades

Image of ALLEX All-Purpose Scissors (Medium Size) for Left-Handers


Hello there! This is Kaori from the HIDARI team.

Have you ever found yourself struggling with right-handed scissors, wishing for a tool that fits naturally in your left hand?


Today, I'm thrilled to introduce a product that will end all those awkward cutting moments: the "ALLEX All-Purpose Scissors (Medium Size), Left-Handed.

Crafted for general tasks like cutting paper, these left-handed scissors are perfect for everyday use, whether you're at the office or in the classroom. After all, shouldn't the tools we use the most be tailored to our needs?

Let's dive into the features that have made this product a long-standing favorite in our store!


Cutting paper with ALLEX All-Purpose Scissors (Medium Size) for Left-Handers

Left-Handed Scissors Made in Seki, the City of Blades


The ALLEX scissors come from "Hayashi Cutlery," a brand renowned for its craftsmanship in Seki—a city famous for its blade-making tradition, including Japanese katana.

Unlike standard scissors, ALLEX All-Purpose Scissors for left-handers feature reversed blades and a symmetric handle design, catering specifically to left-handed users.

For more details on the differences between left-handed and right-handed scissors, please check out this article as well.


With a classic look and simple aesthetic, these scissors have been a staple since 1975, loved for nearly 50 years.

Their design excellence is recognized worldwide, evidenced by their permanent collection placement at the "Die Neue Sammlung International Design Museum" in Germany, and winning Japan’s prestigious Good Design Award.


ALLEX All-Purpose Scissors (Medium Size) for Left-Handers being held by hand

Stainless Steel: Durable and Rust-Resistant

Made from high-quality 2.5mm thick stainless steel, these scissors are not only rust-resistant but also remarkably durable.

Take a moment to appreciate the smooth, flowing curve of the blade—polished meticulously by skilled artisans.

Doesn't its beauty catch your eye?

The handles are fitted with green elastomer rings, providing a soft and comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during use.


ALLEX All-Purpose Scissors (Medium Size) for Left-Handers


A Size That Fits Seamlessly into Daily Life

At a standard length of 16.5cm (6.5 inches), these scissors are the perfect size for office work. However, with slightly smaller handles, those with larger hands or specific gripping styles may find them a bit snug.

For those users, or for tasks like scrapbooking, we recommend the larger-handled "ALLEX All-Purpose Scissors (Large Size), Left-Handed.


ALLEX All-purpose scissors (large size), left-handed


Elevate Your Everyday with High-Quality Left-Handed Scissors

As a HIDARI staff member and proud owner of multiple pairs, I can personally attest to the exceptional sharpness and ease of use that Seki's craftsmanship brings to these scissors.

"ALLEX All-Purpose Scissors (Medium Size), Left-Handed" are not just tools but a statement of design that will enhance your workspace or home.

Embrace the difference that a quality pair of left-handed scissors can make in your life.

It's not just about cutting; it's about having the right tool that fits perfectly in your hand, making every cut a satisfying experience.

Say goodbye to the awkwardness and hello to precision with ALLEX.

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