What Exactly is a Left-Handed Bread Knife? Discover Its Secrets for Easy Use

What Exactly is a Left-Handed Bread Knife? Discover Its Secrets for Easy Use

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Bread is a staple in many of our meals, from breakfast toast to dinner rolls.

Whether you bake it at home or buy it from the store, having a good bread knife is essential.

You probably already have one, but did you know there are bread knives specifically designed for left-handed users?

In this article, we'll explore what makes a bread knife unique, how left-handed and right-handed bread knives differ, and introduce some of the best left-handed bread knives available in our store.

What Exactly is a Left-Handed Bread Knife? 


A left-handed bread knife is specially designed to make it easy and comfortable for left-handed users to slice bread and other baked goods.

There are several differences that set a right-handed bread knife apart from a left-handed one.


“Serrated” Edge of a Bread Knife, left-handed
“Serrated” Edge of a Bread Knife, left-handed


The Serrated Edge of a Left-Handed Bread Knife

 Let's start with the basics. Most bread knives have a serrated blade, similar to a saw.

The blade of a left-handed bread knife has a serrated or scalloped edge on the right side of the blade, as opposed to the left side for standard knives. Take a look at your bread knife if you have one.

The serrated edge on the right side counters the natural pulling/twisting motion of the left hand, allowing you to slice smoothly through even the softest bread without crushing it.

For the best results, use the bread knife like a saw, pulling it towards you to make a clean cut.


Diagram showing the difference between a common kitchen knife (double-edged) and a bread knife (single-edged)

The Bevel of a Single-Sided Blade


Unlike regular knives that have double-beveled blades (angled on both sides), bread knives typically have a single-beveled blade (angled on one side).

Why? Because a single-sided blade is sharper and more efficient at cutting through bread.

Most standard bread knives are designed for right-handed use, with the blade bevel on the left side for easier cutting.

This positioning can make the bread slip or tear unevenly when used by left-handed people.

With the blade on the right side, left-handers can create smooth, straight cuts by directing the sliced bread away from the user's hand.

Let's dive into the three types of left-handed bread knives we offer!

 Hidari's Left-Handed Bread Knife Recommendations


SUNCRAFT Bread knife SESERAGI, left-handed

The Suncraft Bread Knife Seseragi, Left-Handed – Sharp Enough to Leave No Crumbs


The Suncraft Bread Knife Seseragi, Left-Handed, hails from Seki, a city famous for its Japanese katana craftsmanship.
Made by Suncraft, this knife's name is inspired by the sound of water flowing in a shallow stream, known as "seseragi" in Japanese.
It features three types of serrations, making it versatile enough for different kinds of bread.
The coarse serrations start the cut smoothly on tough bread like baguettes, while the finer serrations are perfect for softer bread.
The straight edge at the tip ensures you can slice all the way through without leaving any crumbs behind.
Crafted from high-quality molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel, this knife stays sharp for a long time, making it a premium choice for left-handed users.

HIMIZU HAMONO Bread Knife, Left-Handed

The Dishwasher-Safe Shimizu Hamono Bread Knife, Left-Handed

Another fantastic option from Seki is the Shimizu Hamono Bread Knife, Left-Handed.

Its blade is made from rust-resistant molybdenum steel, a popular choice for high-quality knives.

The handle is made from heat-resistant materials, making this knife dishwasher-safe and highly convenient.


MORINOKI Bread knife by SHIZU HAMONO, left-handed

The Elegantly Handled Morinoki Bread Knife by Shizu Hamono, Left-Handed


Finally, we have the Morinoki Bread Knife by Shizu Hamono, Left-Handed, also from Seki, and crafted by Shizu Hamono.

This knife features two types of serrations—finer at the tip for hard bread and coarser in the middle for general use.

The handle is made of zelkova wood, giving each knife a unique grain and color, adding a touch of natural elegance.


Cross section of a sandwich cut with a bread knife


Enhancing Your Culinary Life with a Left-Handed Bread Knife


These knives are not just for bread; they're versatile enough for various culinary tasks.

They're perfect for cutting cakes and other delicate foods where a clean cut is crucial.

They're also great for slicing roast beef thinly, a favorite at any gathering.

A left-handed bread knife can genuinely enhance your cooking and dining experience. Check out our selection today!

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